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Update: Second Legal Letter to Singapore Athletics

On 2 August 2019, Singapore Athletics (SA) made several allegations against me in the media without providing basis. In particular, SA alleged that I had committed a series of purported “transgressions” without giving any explanation and/or details as to the same.

On 7 August 2019, I served Singapore Athletics Executive Director, Malik Aljunied, a legal letter as follows:

On 13 August 2019, SA issued a reply. Disappointingly, the reply contained zero explanations or details that I had asked of them. SA's reply was as follows:

My lawyers and I have rejected SA's request to meet, reason being that they have failed to give basis to their defamatory allegations or clarify their position in this matter, seemingly shying away from providing basis and trying to settle this behind closed doors after making defamatory allegations. We have sent them a second legal letter, as follows:

I invite Singapore Athletics Executive Director Malik Aljunied to respond and substantiate what he says in relation to his allegations. Alternatively, I would kindly request that you retract your statements and make a written apology if you have made them without proper basis.

Separately, I would also like to know if Malik Aljunied is paid by SNOC, and whether this has affected his decision-making process as SA Executive Director in any way.

Once these facts are set out, we can then work towards a purposeful and fruitful meeting, and work towards a closure on this saga.

Happy running! =)


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