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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Malik Aljunied, Executive Director of Singapore Athletics and employee of Singapore National Olympic Council, has missed another Court deadline.

He first missed a Court deadline when filing his Defence 3 days late:

In relation to my claim against Malik for defamation, my lawyers from Foxwood LLC have filed an application for trial of preliminary issue, the preliminary issue being whether Malik has in his post dated 17 August 2019 ( are defamatory against me.

The Court ordered for Malik to file his reply affidavit by 4 November 2019, and for hearing to be set on 26 November. If the Court decides the preliminary issue in my favour, then all that the Court has to consider is damages (and aggravated damages) that Malik is liable for.

To date, 5 days after the deadline and counting, Malik has failed to file his reply affidavit and is in breach of the timeline stipulated by the Court. A copy of my affidavit for the application and letter to the Court is posted herein. I will urge Malik not to play games but to comply with the directive of the Honourable Court.


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