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SNOC says I own a "Media Circus". Are they the clowns?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

On 21 August 2019, SNOC sent my lawyers a letter. These are 4 takeaways from the letter:

1) SNOC has once again failed to give basis for their defamatory statements, and has continued to avoid answering our questions.

2) SNOC called my behaviour "recalcitrant". I believe that they are in no place to judge others for their behaviour, and would like to invite them to comment on the behaviour of their employee, Malik Aljunied.

3) In a new development, SNOC seems to suggest that the "audience" presently reviewing the correspondence between both parties are not "discerning and perceptive" enough to be able to tell right from wrong. I strongly disagree with SNOC's seemingly derogatory comment that the audience reading our correspondence in full disclosure on my blog are unable to discern and/or form their own independent perspective on parties merits, with objectivity and sound reasoning.

4) Finally, the SNOC stated that they are not interested in being a part of my "media circus". I never knew that I owned a media circus, but if I did, SNOC would definitely be the clowns.

Legal letter from SNOC, and our reply, as follows:

I now turn my attention to a busy September of racing. Stay tuned and happy running!


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