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SNOC has admitted to using irrelevant, subjective & extraneous criteria in 2019 SEA Games selection

On 15 August 2019, the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) admitted to using irrelevant, subjective & extraneous criteria in 2019 SEA Games selection.

Their legal letter was as follows:

Quick Note: SNOC appearing to pass the buck to Singapore Athletics

SNOC has, despite numerous requests for clarification, again failed to give any examples or specifications as to how I had displayed "poor attitude and behaviour" as they have alleged.

Instead, SNOC claimed that SNOC President Tan Chuan-Jin had met with Singapore Athletics (SA) President (Mr Tang Weng Fei) as well as Singapore Athletics Executive Director (Malik Aljunied) on 2 August 2019 to explain the "instances of poor attitude and behaviour that were taken into consideration", stating that I am "at liberty to approach Singapore Athletics to ascertain what these instances are".

In short, it seems like SNOC is trying to pass the buck to SA.

My response

I am continuing to press SNOC for accountability and transparency, and together with my lawyers from Foxwood LLC, have sent them another legal letter as follows:

I hope that SNOC will finally step up and provide clarification on the matter, rather than continuing to give excuses and continuing to hide behind Singapore Athletics.

Meanwhile I'm preparing an exciting month of racing in September. Stay tuned!


PS: With Facebook posts such as this from SNOC employee and SA Executive Director Malik Aljunied, I wonder what sort of "attitude and behaviour" SNOC is looking for!

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