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Second Legal Letter to SNOC

After winning the 2015 SEA Games Marathon on home soil.

On 7 August 2019, I issued a legal letter to the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC), seeking clarification as to why I had failed to meet the selection criteria for the 2019 SEA Games Marathon (despite running a national record of 2:23:42, more than 8 minutes faster than the stipulated qualifying mark of 2:31:52), and the specific grounds of SNOC's decision to exclude me from the team representing Singapore at the 2019 SEA Games. The letter was as follows:

Legal Letter 1 to SNOC - 7 August 2019

SNOC's response

In response to our first legal letter issued to them on 7 August 2019, SNOC wrote back to us (via their lawyers from Rajah and Tann) on 8 August requesting for 2 things:

1) A deadline extension to respond to our letter. In SNOC's own words, by "end of next week" (they were non-specific on the exact date or time), instead of the 13 August 5pm deadline we had given them.

2) That future correspondence between SNOC and me on this matter were not to be publicly shared or disseminated by either party.

Last night, we issued a second legal letter to SNOC, turning down both requests. The legal letter was as follows:

Legal Letter 2 to SNOC - 10 August 2019

I hope that the SNOC leadership will step forward to explain themselves in a quicker and more decisive manner.

Happy National Day weekend, and enjoy your running!


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