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Failure to Adhere to Deadline by Jed Senthil and ONE Management SG

Jed Senthil of ONE Management SG

Regrettably, Jed Senthil and ONE Management SG have failed to adhere to the deadline given to them by my lawyers.

On Friday, 18th Oct, 5:23pm, 23min after the deadline given to him, Jed replied to acknowledge receipt of our Letter of Demand and “respectfully” asked for 1 week extension to reply to our Letter. See attached email below:

Our Letter of Demand was sent to Jed on Tuesday, 15th October.

At the outset, it shouldn’t take anyone 3 days to “acknowledge” receipt of a letter. If Jed saw the need for an extension, he should have asked for it way earlier, not 23min after the deadline has passed. This is the very basics of adhering to deadlines that we are taught in primary school.

Regardless, since Jed has already taken down the offending posts, in an extension of good faith, I have instructed my lawyers to grant an extension till Monday, 21st Oct 2019, 4pm for Jed to provide a formal written and unequivocal apology in the form of a media statement on the website and Facebook page.

This is our final indulgence to Jed. In the case of failure to meet this deadline by him, we will proceed to file proceedings against him and One Management SG in court as appropriate.



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