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Eric Song, Honorary Secretary of Singapore Athletics, is a Coward and a Hypocrite. Here is why:

Yesterday, former national sprinter and Singapore Athletics Vice-President Poh Seng Song (PSS) put up the following Facebook post in response to facing a 4-year elections ban by Singapore Athletics (SA):

In response, I put up the following Facebook Post:

I will now elaborate on why I believe Eric Song to be a Coward and a Hypocrite.


As PSS has correctly pointed out in his Facebook post, Eric Song received a letter of demand alleging him of making defamatory and malicious remarks about our pole vaulter, Rachel Yang, and her coach/husband, David Yeo. A screenshot of Eric's Whatsapp message in question is as follows:

Upon receiving the letter of demand, Eric went to the SA Management Committee and argued that he said the above in his official capacity of a Honarary Secretary, which a few MC members, PSS included, disagreed with. However, the majority of the Management Committee supported and agreed to finance his possible lawsuit - a personal lawsuit.

Furthermore, SA went on to set up a Board of Inquiry (BOI) to investigate the leak of Eric's message, putting Eric in charge of setting up the BOI!

So why is Eric hiding behind the SA MC and organising a witch-hunt to catch the whistleblower, rather than addressing the main issue - were his statements about Rachel and David accurate, or not?

Only a coward chooses to avoid the main issue and hide behind a witch-hunt while running to SA to finance a pending lawsuit for a statement that he clearly made in his own capacity, of his own free will.


Now, on to what I believe to be an even more interesting point.

Less than 3 years ago (17 Oct 2017), Eric Song was put in charge of a BOI investigating a leaked Whatsapp message which showed former SA Vice-President, Dr G Balasekaran, seemingly plotting against coach David Yeo and coach Margaret Oh. This was what Eric said in his email then, addressed to all SA affiliates:

The text is a little small, so let me zoom into the most relevant line in his email:

Seems to me like Eric has one set of standards when dealing with leaked WhatsApp messages involving other people, but another set of standards for himself.

Not convinced? Here's another email from Eric himself, on the same issue:

"The ‘leak of the messages’ is not the ‘wrongful action’ now until the WhatsApp case is dismissed as a 'non-issue’. It’s like a whistle -blower (let’s say) reported on a Senior officer in an Organisation sexually harassing his subordinate. If the sexual harassment allegations turns out to be untrue, then maybe the whistle-blower may be questioned for the ‘intent and purpose’ in making that report." - Eric Song, 3/10/2018

So I'd like to ask Eric now, why are you applying double standards to the case of this WhatsApp leak? Is it just because now you're involved?

Eric Song, are you a hypocrite?

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