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DEFAMATION: "Jed" Senthil Kumar, ONE Management SG and Ashley Liew sued in High Court

"Jed" Senthil Kumar (second from left) and Ashley Liew (second from right).

Through this legal case, I've learnt that "Jed" Senthil's real name is not Jed. It is Senthil Kumar S/O Jivaraju. Without commenting on the case, I take particular issue against "Jed" Senthil Kumar for accusing the deceased marathoner Rafael Poliquit of the Philippines, of lying in the following media report where Rafael reaffirmed my account that Ashley Liew "did not slow down for his rivals after they took a wrong turn during the 2015 SEA Games men’s marathon final":

On 2 April 2019, "Jed" Senthil Kumar and his company, ONE Management published or caused

to be published a statement in an internet post on the RunOne Website which

was false and defamatory (

2019) and which seems to accuse Rafael Poliquit of lying in the following quote, in reference to Rafael and other witnesses who had backed my account:

"That is the material difference – anyone can say anything you want on social media and get away with untruths and lies, but not so when you make statutory declarations."
- ONE Management, on Rafael Poliquit.

Rafael is friend of mine and respected competitor. His account of the race was a truthful account, based on what I saw, and he had no reason to lie about it. I will not stand for Jed and ONE Management to accuse him of lying. I hereby promise that I will go to ends of the Earth to prove the truth of this matter, and when it's all over the world will see that "Jed" Senthil Kumar and ONE Management SG were wrong for accusing Rafael Poliquit Jr. of stating "untruths and lies".

Having discussed with my team of lawyers, I have decided to withdraw my counterclaim against Ashley in the subordinate court and to commence proceedings in respect of my claim against Ashley in the High Court. The reason for this is whilst Ashley is seeking damages of $120,000 against me, I am seeking damages in the region of $500,000 against Ashley, and only the High Court has jurisdiction to award damages in excess of $250,000.

This is the extensive Statement of Claim filed by my solicitors, Mr Clarence Lun and his team from Foxwood LLC against Jed, his company ONE Management SG, and Ashley Liew. I maintain the truth on what I have seen and said, and will leave the Honourable Court with the due process to examine the merits and make the relevant findings.

Statement of Claim

Correction: In the last 2 lines of Paragraph 6 and the second line of Paragraph 7, replace "Plaintiff" with "3rd Defendant".


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