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COUNTERCLAIM Against Ashley Liew for Defamation

I have instructed my solicitors to file a counterclaim against Mr Ashley Liew (thereafter known as “Liew”) for defamation. My solicitors have circulated a draft of the counterclaim for the Plaintiff’s consent prior to filing the counterclaim to the Honourable Court, failing which my solicitors will make the relevant application to the Honourable Court.

The particulars of the counterclaim are, that on or about 2 April 2019, 9 April 2019, and 18 June 2019, Liew published or caused to be published, as well as shared and or caused to be shared, a number of statements that bore the following meanings which were defamatory and/or injurious of my reputation:

  1. That I am a liar and have no regard for the truth of the events that had transpired surrounding Liew’s Alleged Act of Fair Play;

  2. That my statements were false or that I had lied in my statements in respect of Liew’s Alleged Act of Fair Play;

  3. That I had unjustifiably exaggerated in my account of the Liew’s Alleged Act of Fair Play;

  4. That I had caused the sport of marathon running to be brought into disrepute;

  5. That I have acted with wilful and blatant disregard;

  6. That I have acted with poor sportsmanship; and

  7. That I had conducted myself in a manner that was improper and had gone against the Singapore Athletics’ Athlete’s Code of Conduct.

  8. That I have failed to take a consistent stance in respect of the events surrounding Liew’s Alleged Act of Fair Play;

  9. That I had attempted to amend my version of events surrounding Liew’s Alleged Act of Fair Play; and

  10. That the aforesaid attempt by me was done in a surreptitious manner.

I have always spoken the truth and nothing but the truth on what I saw that day at the wrong turn of the 2015 SEA Games Marathon. All of the above accusations are manifestly untrue and I have no choice but to file a countersuit against Liew to defend myself from his defamatory statements.

Details of the Counterclaim can be found below:

Happy running!


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