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A Push for Accountability and Transparency - Legal Letters sent to Singapore Athletics and SNOC

I will not be appealing the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC)'s decision to exclude me from the 2019 SEA Games.

But today, a legal battle begins to protect the rights of current and future athletes of Singapore, and to push Singapore sports governing bodies to more accountability and transparency.

Over the last few days, Singapore Athletics (SA) made several allegations against me. In particular, SA alleged that I had committed a series of purported “transgressions” without giving any explanation and/or details as to the same.

The SNOC, meanwhile, has applied highly subjective, inconsistent and/or arbitrary standards in the selection process for the 2019 SEA Games and has disregarded the fundamental principles of merit-based selection which an organisation of its stature would be expected to adhere to strictly.

Legal Letter to SA

A team of lawyers from Foxwood LLC has addressed a legal letter to Singapore Athletics Executive Director, Malik Aljunied, as follows.

Malik Aljunied is an employee of Singapore Athletics, seconded over by the Singapore National Olympic Council.

Legal Letter to SNOC

Foxwood LLC has also addressed a legal letter to Chris Chan, Secretary-General of the Singapore National Olympic Council, as follows:

I invite both Malik and Singapore Athletics and Chris Chan of SNOC to step forth and resolve this in a mutually respectful manner before 13 August, 5pm. In the meantime, I reserve my rights.

A big thank you to all my supporters and may truth and justice prevail in time. In the meanwhile, enjoy your running!


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